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GE Link Wireless A19 LED Light Bulb Review

The Wink compatible GE Link Wireless A19 light bulb fits right in with the rest of Wink’s line of budget friendly but rather glitchy smart home products. If you can get the bulb connected and to stay connected, this bulb gives a better color rendering than any other bulb within its price. Being compatible Quirky, Dropcam, Honeywell, Lutron and Amazon Echo it’ll serve its purpose providing 800 lumens of 2,700k soft white light for a lifespan of 25,000.

GE Link Wireless A19 LED Light Bulb

Unfortunately that’s about the extent of the GE A19 LED Light bulb. As mentioned its Wink compatible so as to be expected the Wink Hub is required. Unlike its counterparts it’s slightly less energy efficient, running 12 watts as compared to the 9-11 watt average within its category giving it an estimated yearly cost to run of a $1.45 (Based on 3 hours per day at $0.11 per kWh). On top of all this, it seems to be a pretty common occurrence for users to experience network failures and adding the bulb to the Wink network is a tedious task all in itself. It starts with having to physically turn on each light bulb, wait for the app to recognize it, then going through several help screens before moving onto the next bulb. As you can imagine, if you have a decent size house this can turn into a pretty daunting task.

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No Monthly Fee

Remote Access

Cloud / Server

Product Size

: 7.3 x 7.4 x 7.9 inches

Product Weight

: 1.9 pounds



Part / Product Number

: PSB19-SW27

Wrapping up our GE Link Wireless A19 LED Light Bulb review we would like to point out that although it’s catching some heat, we still recommend giving it a try if you are on a budget. It emits great lighting for any room, it is low cost and although some users have had difficulty during the setup, many users are very happy with the performance of this bulb. With smart home automation technology still on the rise, a few glitches here and there are to be expected. But after the initial setup, this bulb serves its purpose.

8.5 Total Score

Great bulb to expand your Wink system, especially if your on a budget. If your starting from scratch you may want to check out some of the other options.

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