Google Presents IoT OS Android Things

As technology continues to becoming a defining factor in nearly every facet of life, the demand for fast and insightful improvements seems never-ending. When it comes to the gathering and exchanging of data, Google is practically unparalleled. It should come as no surprise, then, that they’ve further revolutionized the Internet of Things by presenting to us the Android Things.

With this technology, Google will help its users employ Android to build IoT products without compromising security. Inspired by Project Brillo and utilizing the platform Weave, Android Things uses tools such as Android Studio, the Android Software Development Kit, Google Play Services, and Google Cloud Platform to make IoT easy.

Semiconductor and telecommunications companies are already picking up on the new technology, including Qualcomm, which intends to update its Snapdragon processors to support it. The company looks forward to seeing a surge in participation from developers in regards to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by IoT.

They’re hoping that Android Things will offer the perfect solution to the problems that developers and manufacturers face when trying to keep up with all the ways that devices are being connected nowadays.

Thanks to the combined forces of cloud integration, optimization tools, and security reinforced by hardware upgrades, it looks like their dreams might just come true. With this technology, the IoT process should be improved to the point where it can be quickly scalable for a great value, considering the price.

What does this mean for the rest of us? Well, as we mentioned earlier, it’s obvious to everyone that our world is increasingly emphasizing the importance of connecting everything. Once developers learn to use Android Things to its greatest capacity, we should find our IoT demands being met and even exceeded. Prepare to have everything constantly in tune with everything else—and all the implications that come with it.